About SAOT Services

The Student Affairs Office of Technology (SAOT) has two primary missions: to manage the student information system (SIS) and to support the technology needs of the Division of Student Affairs. The student information system touches the lives of more than 30,000 students and our overall objective is to effectively and efficiently collaborate, develop, enhance and maintain automated systems that meet the service excellence standards for our students, faculty, and staff communities. SAOT also supports the 20 plus student-oriented service departments in the Division of Student Affairs by providing centralized IT services including network administration, system administration, desktop support, firewall management, document management system and overall IT coordination.


Executive Director & University Registrar: Elias S. Lopez
Business and Finance: Iben Wilson
Chief Systems Architect and Security Officer: Raymond Y. Tai
my.ucdavis Student Portal: Anthony Volkar

Infrastructure Support Services

Infrastructure Support Services (ISS) provides computing services to departments within the division of Student Affairs. By centralizing and leveraging services across the division ISS is able to provide enterprise level solutions while reducing departmental costs. ISS works in an ever-changing technical environment to provide users with the best solutions for their needs.
Program Director: Martha Cornejo

Office of the Registrar Technology Services

Provides technical services to the Office of the University Registrar and other campus units. Services include business and systems analysis, application development, operational and technical support.
Program Director: Brad Harding

Online Student Services

Online Student Services is dedicated to delivering the best possible web tools and experiences for the students of UC Davis. Our mission is to enable student success by delivering information and software solutions for students and student support teams based on their needs.
Program Director: Patrick Turner

For questions regarding partnership and integration with the myucdavis project, please contact Anthony Volkar.

Student Information Systems (SIS) Technology Services

Provides technical services to Undergraduate Admissions, Office of the University Registrar, Student Accounting, Office of Graduate Studies, Services for International Students and Scholars, Financial Aid and Scholarships, Professional schools and other administrative campus departments as needed. Services include business and systems analysis, application development, operational and technical support.
Program Director: Tim Olesen

Student Advising Technology Services

Provides enabling technology including the Online Advising Student Information System (OASIS), Electronic Degree Certification, Online Appointments, and Academic Probation System.
Program Director: Minh Nguyen

If you are still not sure which program to contact, please email saot-help@ucdavis.edu.