Document Management (SISDocs)

Leveraging Technology to Provide Automated Solutions with Effective Implementation

Who Is Using this Technology

  • Many UC Davis departments along with other institutions have taken advantage of this innovative threshold technology
  • Financial Aid, Admissions, Registrars Office, and the Vice Chancellor’s Office UC Davis
  • Ohio University - Campus wide deployment
  • Purdue University

Student Affairs’ enterprise solution, for a campus-wide repository of student information image data, standardizes the strategic platform for information content management by reducing labor, material and housing costs amidst budgetary restraints. In addition, it avoids multiple Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems that would encourage information silos and reduce unnecessary burdens to IT while keeping IT resource requirements to a minimum. SISDocs fills the gaps and cures the inefficiencies linked to paper and disconnected software systems.

SISDocs is comprised of hardware and software which allows for the capture, retrieval, modification, and storage of all forms of paper and electronic documents for students. Electronically organize all your department’s student paperwork by sending documents to the SISDocs system electronically. SISDocs is safe, secure and direct - no more risks associated with paper documentation! SISDocs is expertly integrated to the UC Davis Student Information System by Student Affairs.

Reduce Costs

  • Leverage a repository of documents, forms and images indexed by various options. Add electronic post notes, and tags with historic history and audited trail
  • No more filing then unfiling folders, or routing of paper documents. No searching for misplaced documents, reduce lost and/or misplaced files and documents
  • Reduce, eliminate, wasteful, redundant tasks and disposal and shredding

Increase Efficiency

  • Greater efficiency and faster processing will ultimately be an advantage to students. Efficient use of limited resources- staff can focus on other tasks as technology is leveraged to provide automation and unification of effective selections
  • Easily access and organize all file types. An electronic fingerprint adds an element of accountability - (view who last accessed the folders, where and when)